Ofsted Inspection 2017

The childminder and her co-childminder work as a highly effective team. They show an outstanding commitment to providing care and education of the very best quality, and work tirelessly to meet the individual needs of each child in their care.

The children show an inner confidence in their own abilities beyond their years. They are willing to take risks and experiment, safe in the knowledge that the childminder, who they trust and like so much, is close by and ready to offer help if needed. 

The childminder shows consistently excellent teaching skills. She provides a highly personalised approach to each child's learning and adapts the support and challenge to each child's particular needs and characteristics. Children make excellent progress from their starting points.

Early Years

We work within the Early Years framework set out in the government guidelines, promoting quality, home-based childcare.

We track each individual child's development milestones and share their personal profile with their parents on a regular basis.

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